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Changing the way Bharat 

Providing lending services to financial institutions for serving Bharat.

NSRCEL Impact Orbit program for tech enabled social innovations

Our valued Partners

We have as our partners some of the best and the brightest institutions from the field of financial inclusion.


Reach new customer segments of Bharat with almost 0 CAC


Evaluate Bharat even in the absence of CIBIL or salary


Collect from Bharat without spending a fortune

Leverages Community

Similar to microfinance, members on TFINN can build digital networks within their communities to maximise their financial benefits.

Built on ML

In-house developed machine learning algorithm, combines network data with app meta data for calculating an individual's credit worthiness.

Easy & Transparent

Based on their TFINN score, members are shown the list of available financial services and the corresponding fees and charges.

DPDP compliant

Data is end to end encrypted, stored within India and most importantly, never ever shared with any third party as a company policy.


TFINN and Incento - apps for the members and agents respectively.

Built in-house from grounds up, fully digital and super convenient.

Why we tick.

The fully digital conjugation of micro-finance and fintech gives Trikshana Tech immense capabilities in serving Bharat and it's needs.

Lowest CAC

No need to worry about sourcing because we do it for you and that too at '0' acquisition cost.

Low delinquency

Our unique, assessment and field collections ensure that your repayments are always on time.

Higher ticket size

Our unique, assessment and field collections empower you to offer higher ticket loans.


Reach and serve customers from priority sector & the self/informally employed from LMI segment.

Trikshana in numbers

Rs 6.4 Cr

Loans disbursed till date

> 2000

Borrowers served


Borrowers with CIBIL < 750


First time borrowers


Women borrowers


Borrowers whose CIBIL improved

Rs 17,500

Avg. monthly income



Handsome incentives

Incento engages with various DSA networks, present all across India, on a purely performance based incentive structure. No payroll.

Fully Flexible

Incento Agents can book activities as per their own convenience just like Ola or Uber and there are no hard set targets either.

Open for all

Anyone above 25 years of age can apply for Incento's membership and start their Agent journey post verification and training.

Secondary income

With tasks from multiple financial institutions, Agents have ample opportunities for generating substantial secondary income.

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